Tiger-Oud, also known as Muhassan-Oud, Sanai, industrial agarwood, and synthetic agarwood is a top-tier export product at SUHACO Ltd.

Explore the exceptional Tiger Oud products crafted by SUHACO, your ideal source for sustainable and cost-effective agarwood alternatives. Our commitment to creating high-quality Tiger Oud stems from our dedication to preserving the captivating fragrance and inherent qualities of natural agarwood while ensuring environmental responsibility.

Why SUHACO’s Tiger-Oud stands out

Our success relies on a stringent production process, top-quality raw materials, and an expert team led by Pham Sung. A seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in agarwood production and business. We are exclusively committed to using the finest agarwood sourced from sustainable and eco-friendly resources, ensuring the highest quality of our products.

The meticulous production process starts with the careful selection of raw materials. Utilizing only the finest agarwood from sustainable sources, we guarantee environmentally responsible and high-quality products. Our skilled experts process the raw materials using traditional techniques to preserve the innate fragrance and essence of agarwood.

Next, our agarwood undergoes a precise distillation process, ensuring the purity and potency of our essential oils. By employing premium ingredients and adhering to strict guidelines, we ensure our products meet the most stringent standards of quality and purity. Our essential oils boast a rich aroma and a complex fragrance profile, similar to natural agarwood. Additionally, we offer an array of other agarwood products, including chips, powder, and incense.

SUHACO’s products cater to diverse sectors, ranging from perfumes and cosmetics to medicinal and religious purposes. We pledge to provide customers with the finest quality agarwood products. Our well-planned production process guarantees products that meet the highest standards of quality and purity. Our dedicated experts focus on delivering the best possible products to our customers. We are confident that our offerings provide the perfect solution for those seeking to experience the unique and intricate fragrance of agarwood without incurring exorbitant costs.

Explore the remarkable world of Tiger-Oud products by SUHACO Ltd., where quality, sustainability, and affordability harmoniously coalesce to offer you an unforgettable agarwood journey.

How to contact us:

Hotline: 24/7: (+84 )338 966 339 or (+84) 332 199 188

WhatsApp: +84 338 966 339

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