About us

♦  SUHACO Co. Ltd. was founded in early 2012 with the desire to bring Vietnamese Oud products to be widely known in many countries.

♦  We have more than 10 years of providing agarwood products including: agarwood incense, agarwood oil, agarwood powder, agarwood chunks and chips.

♦  In 2017, we had more than a hundred agents throughout Vietnam providing non-chemical and non-toxic incenses

♦ In 2018, SUHACO invested in modern production line to produce Tiger oud (which is also known as Mohsen/ Muhasan/ Sanai). Our products are available in many nations favoring agarwood products such as Saudi Arabia, Taiwan,.. and are trusted by many partners.


Why choose us

Large factories

With 2 modern factories and advanced production lines, we can manufacture large quantities with high-quality and stable products.

Diversity in products

We can adapt to any customers’ demands on shapes, colors and agarwood oil amount.

Wide plantation

Our company owns a plantation of Aquilaria trees with an area of nearly 50ha and a 20.000m2 production plant with modern equipment.

Reliable company

TOP 3 Key Players of the Agarwood market in Vietnam and top in the World (Market Research Future 2017)